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Cause and Effect World has moved

Cause and Effect World has moved, and now resides at www.samanthaclemens.com/blog.

Hope to see you there!

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Posted by Sam on Nov 29 2009 under Politics

Today we celebrate!

Tomorrow, we roll up our sleeves and get to work!

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Posted by Sam on Jan 20 2009 under Politics

Omaha goes Obama

It won’t be confirmed until tomorrow, but it looks like even Omaha, Nebraska will be going blue, giving Obama exactly one more electoral vote!

As I have family in Omaha, I’ve been hearing how the city was abuzz about Obama for weeks now.  In the past, Democrats focused their energies over the line in Iowa as there was generally no chance of winning in Nebraska.

With Obama it was different.  Not only did the Democrats actually have a presence in Omaha – they had three offices and 1,500 volunteers, including many who had only dabbled in presidential politics in the past.

I could not be more pleased.  Omaha is where Bush goes when the polls are down.  Omaha is in a state called Big Red.  Omaha is where the conservative Gallup polling organization is.  And is home to Omaha steak, for god’s sake!

A self-described mutt named Barack Hussein Obama won the presidential election in Omaha.

What a country!

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Posted by Sam on Nov 12 2008 under Politics

President Obama!

It’s a new day in America – new leadership based on critical thinking and problem solving, focusing on bringing people together instead of dividing them, engaging with our friends and allies, and challenging our foes with ideas, opportunity, community, and optimism just as much, if not more than with our military and economic strength.

We have a President who I believe is not only intellectually and temperamentally capable of doing the job, but whose life experiences and connections are so diverse and broad that so many people can identify with him: 

  • Black Americans because of how he looks
  • White Americans because of his mother, his grandparents, and how we was raised
  • Intellectuals because of his education and obvious intellect
  • Sports lovers because of his love of playing basketball and working out
  • Muslims because of his father
  • Africans because of his father
  • Asians because he was raised in Indonesia for a time
  • Professional women because of his wife
  • Working women because of his grandmother
  • Young people because of his relative youth
  • Urban people because he lived in Chicago
  • Christians because of his faith
  • Secularists because of his critical thinking skills and his use of science as the tool to decide what is real and not
  • Bowlers because while he did not exhibit any skill, heck he took a shot at something he likely knew he would not excel.

I admire Obama for having picked Joe Biden for VP – a move that could have made him look too young and inexperienced.  I admire him for staying above the fray, for the most part, during the election.

I look forward to his Presidency.  I believe that he is one of the smartest Presidents we have ever had, that he also has the temperament to handle himself in the office and avoid many of the troubles that others have encountered.

I feel good for the country and for the world. 

I’m also proud of John McCain for his concession speech which was gracious, patriotic, and ennobling – better than his campaign, better than his running-mate, better than his supporters.  Good for him.  I wish him well.

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Posted by Sam on Nov 05 2008 under Politics

Pit-bull Palin wants to take the gloves off

For years now, some women I’ve known have been saying that the world would be a better place if women were in charge.  Having worked with women who have exhibited some very sharky, aggressive behavior in my time, I’ve always said I thought that was exactly wrong; that in fact women can be just as aggressive (perhaps more so) as men.

Think Margaret Thatcher.

Think Lady MacBeth.

Think Ann Coulter.

And now, think Sarah Palin.

Today, William Kristol writes that she wants to “take the gloves off.” And walk more about Obama’s relationship with Reverend Wright.  And so-called relationship with Bill Ayers.

So sad.  Even Peggy Noonan said on Meet the Press yesterday that this would not be good for the country.  But, into the mud Palin will go, apparently with relish, as will McCain (albeit less enthusiastically).  Because they have nothing else to offer.

Country first?  I don’t think so.

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Posted by Sam on Oct 06 2008 under Politics, Republicans

Sarah said Hillary should stop whining

Check out this video of Palin criticizing Clinton for mentioning unequal (read sexist) treatment.  She says the unfair treatment is there, but says “so what, work harder.”

What’s that old saying?  People who wear lipstick…  oops… people live in glass houses.

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Posted by Sam on Sep 11 2008 under Politics, Women's issues

CNN (evil media) checks out Palin’s truthiness problem

The higher they fly (or hold themselves up), the harder they fall. 



Let’s see if the ‘truth’ means anything to Republicans.

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Posted by Sam on Sep 07 2008 under Politics, Republicans

The new Republican epithet: Community organizer

So, Obama was a community organizer, and so, naturally, Republicans have to come out and villify community organizing.

Have a listen to a discussion of what it is to be a community organizer (by the evil media) here:




Lame.  Really, really lame.  The Republicans are once again playing every card they’ve got.  They call Democrats elite and arrogant, how do they behave?  People from small towns (and I am from one) have the gall to say (and believe) that they are nicer, smarter, work harder, and are all-around better than everyone else. 

The arrogance.  The dripping sarcasm.  What leaders.  What tough guys.  Wow, are these people we really want to have to listen for four years?  omg.

And from this discussion, it sounds like next on the list of targets are college professors.  Great.  I mean, education isn’t important for America’s success in the world, is it?  Nah…


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Posted by Sam on Sep 06 2008 under Culture wars, Politics, Republicans

Wow. Turns out Obama thinks highly of science.

McCain and Obama were presented with 14 key challenges faced by our country  by a 38,000-member coalition of scientists, engineers, and concerned citizens.  Obama’s answers were released last Saturday, and what a contrast they are with the creation teachin’, climate change disbelievin’ Palin.

Obama supplied detailed answers, a summary of which can be found here, and the full report here.  Perhaps most importantly, in resonse to the question

Is it acceptable for elected officials to hold back or alter scientific reports if they conflict with their own views, and how will you balance scientific information with politics and personal beliefs in your decision-making?

Obama said:

I will restore the basic principle that government decisions should be based on the best-available, scientifically valid evidence and not on the ideological predispositions of agency officials or political appointees. More broadly, I am committed to creating a transparent and connected democracy, using cutting-edge technologies to provide a new level of transparency, accountability, and participation for America’s citizens.

McCain hasn’t released his yet.  Can’t wait to see what he says about teaching science in science class, and whether climate scientists are all just delusional or lemmings or lying to trying to get funding for their ‘research’.  Or whatever they’re saying these days.

P.S. Newsflash – science is a process.  It doesn’t dictate the answer.  And you have to show your work!

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Posted by Sam on Sep 02 2008 under Culture wars, Politics, Science

Palin’s husband: “she’s not wired normal”

She’s a character alright; even her husband says so!  And, I love it.  I just really, really hope McCain/Palin don’t win.   

Not only do I disagree with her on many, many issues, I just don’t think she has exhibited a level of curiousity about the rest of the world to be effective in dealing with the world. And, that’s the job of the President of the United States.  Deal with the rest of the world.  I want the Prez and the V-Prez ready for the world.  She just doesn’t cut it.


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Posted by Sam on Aug 31 2008 under Politics